Data-stealing malware targets Mac users

There is a virus attacking Mac users that infects your computer and steals copies of your data files including .pdf documents. The virus has been named OSX/LaoShu-A.

The way to protect yourself is to not click on any links in email messages that you don’t recognize. Historically, Mac users were targeted less often than Windows users. However, now that many top level executives have switched to Apple, it only makes sense that hackers will go after those machines as well – they know top level executives keep important and sensitive information on their computers.

This particular virus uses the common ploy of informing you that UPS, FedEx, DHL, or some other shipper has been unable to deliver a package. If a user clicks the link, a file is downloaded to the Mac computer and entices the user to open the file. Doing so infects the computer.

Remember that, even when you have a Mac, you still need to be just as careful as everyone else to protect your IT Security.