Taming the Tiger: Keeping Viruses out of your business.

After seeing 3 different clients in the last 10 days become infected with one form of virus or another it came time I did a little more digging as to what was going on. It seems a combination of improved attack methods from the malware developers and a somewhat lax feeling of security on behalf of the users was resulting in a real increase in infection and it was getting worse not better. For many of my small business clients Microsoft’s Free Security Essentials program has done great, but recent outbreaks are getting through and after almost 3 days of research, peer discussions and reading online test results and comparisons we’re upping our security game. Join me in welcoming AVG to the fold, this top pick in security is making a big impact and we’re thrilled to include them in our services offerings starting today. Enjoy this great video from AVG about how strength in numbers makes virus protection possible. And you get to see a tiger, what beats that?