The Importance of Insurance for a Technology Company

When we approached our insurance provider Utter Morris Insurance Brokers Limited about adding Errors and Omissions and Liability insurance to our existing auto and equipment policy we were in for a real education! And once we had it all figured out thanks to Roger Harnock, we asked if he would share some what what he shared with us, with our clients, so here’s what he provided, we hope you find it interesting!

An Insurance Solution for Knowledge-Based Businesses

Information Technology firms face a multitude of challenges to find suitable and economical insurance coverage for what is becoming an increasingly dynamic business exposure.

Suitable: – it must satisfy and respond to the risk exposures unique to your business.

Adequate: – it must protect, defend and compensate for claims and losses incurred in the normal course of your business operations.

Your business has value. That value needs to be protected along with the livelihood it provides for you, your family, your employees and their families.

The solution – Media Tech Liability, an affordable insurance product that offers a wide selection of coverage that you can choose from to ensure you have the protection you need for today and tomorrow.  The Media Tech policy provides broad coverage for technology related business including;

  • Professional and Information Technology Services – errors and omissions liability protection for technology based services.
  • Technology Products – computer or telecommunication hardware or software providers.
  • Network Security – including theft of data, unauthorized access, malicious code, denial of service attacks, and more.
  • Multimedia and Advertising – including defamation, libel, product disparagement, privacy interference, copyright infringement, and more.
  • Specialty provisions – including privacy liability, cyber extortion, data protection, business interruption, etc.

 Information contact:  Roger P. Harnock, Commercial Broker

Utter Morris Insurance Brokers Limited