What’s in a Name?

Back in November we sent a newsletter out about the name change and new company branding, The Technology Coach is now Outhouse IT it read, and for some email newsletter subscribers, it came as news. But our favourite response by far was from a contact we’ve been in touch with for at least 5 years, a small business owner wrote the following.

Great to hear from you Scott!!

I”m finding myself challenged to send this email because I don’t want to offend or sound unsupportive. I’m sending it because I do care … so please don’t take this the wrong way ….

OK, I find myself needing to ask … why OUTHOUSE?

Personally, it doesn’t bring a positive picture to mind & others may be of the same opinion

(only frightened to vocalize it)?

Really hope you don’t take this email the wrong way.


We were Surprised a little, but not disheartened, Our brand was stirring conversation, what else could we ask for? Our Reply Below.

Thanks for the email, no offence taken, I assure you we though long and hard about the name and it was chosen for a couple different reasons.

Our name is a play on the idea of OUTsourcing IT services, and the opposite of in-HOUSE IT Dept at a large corporation.

We fully get the humour of Outhouse and hope frankly that it will ‘stick’ in people’s minds!

Thanks for the email and have an awesome day!

So if you were wondering the same thing, but couldn’t bring yourself to ask? Yep, we get it, and we hope you do to!

Outhouse IT Scott Kendall