Which browser am I supposed to be using?

Probably the #2 most common question we get from clients is “which browser should I use?” #1 of course is “how come since we hired Outhouse IT our computers don’t break down anymore?” ūüôā

All kidding aside the question of which browser is right for your needs is one that has a constantly changing answer. Our typical answer is that depends. And here’s why.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is more compatible with many line of business applications. For example the tools we use internally to both track and incoming customer requests and to connect remotely to customer computers use internet explorer. The reason is that in both cases there is information being shared with applications outside Outlook. Either for billing via our Quickbooks application or for remote access via external connections. We have other clients who user customer management tools that interface with Outlook, Word, Excel etc. and in each case there is a need for Internet Explorers more advanced features.

But if you’re JUST web browsing, and security is a bigger concern, then it’s usually a toss up between Firefox and Google Chrome. And it seems almost monthly one of them introduces a new feature making it more secure than the other.

BUT, there’s a new feature coming to Google Chrome in the next release that will make it once again more secure than Firefox, you can read details here¬†¬†but to summarize the new feature blocks more add-ons like toolbars and junk that tend to slow you down, get in the way, redirect your searches or¬†share your information without your¬†knowledge.

At Outhouse IT we take the¬†responsibility¬†for both setting up and keeping current Google Chrome on our clients PC’s to ensure they are protected.

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