Windows XP Support Ending

With just 364 days left and counting, the end of support for windows XP really does mean the end. The real issue isn’t “technical support” as in someone to call at Microsoft to ask questions if your Windows XP computer wasn’t working. Because we haven’t had that for years, and even computer manufacturers like Dell, HP and Lenovo haven’t offered support for windows XP computers they manufactured for many many years now.

The real end of support Microsoft is talking about on April 8th 2014 is the end of updates, as of 364 days from now you won’t be able to software updates, security patches or driver support for new equipment. Within days following April 8th 2014 we’ll start to see new viruses, bugs, backdoors and “hacks” showing up on Windows XP. Not anything new, because that happens daily now. The difference is right now Microsoft has a team working day and night to release fixes for these flaws, still being discovered 11 years after the original release. You know them as “Updates are ready for your computer. Click here to install these updates.” us tech. people call them “Patches and Security Fixes”.


The important change will be these updates, patches and security fixes will stop, and Windows XP computers will be completely unprotected. Yikes!

So with 364 days to go, lets plan the replacement of your windows XP desktops so we can ensure you’re protected.