Spoofing and Phishing Examples

The email below arrived in my inbox early today, at first it appears to be from a @googlemail.com account, which would only be available to a Google employee. But on further inspection you can see it’s in fact from luda2008jou@gmail.com, an email address that anyone could create. The technique of sending an email message to look like it’s from someone it’s not is called spoofing and it’s a common way scammers gain your trust. In this case “Chris Miller” (not his real name I bet) is looking to make a credit card payment for services we offer on our website, they also say they want to use an internaltional credit card, often a sign of a false / scam transaction. This type of targeted scam is sometimes called Phishing, and it’s one to be careful of. If you see something similar in your mailbox, be sure to delete without opening, especially if it has attachments or links to follow.

From: chrismiller234@googlemail.com [mailto:luda2008jou@gmail.com]
Sent: July-29-13 5:59 AM
Subject: inquiry to Norway


My name is Chris Miller , i am located in Norway. Browsed through your webpage and got interested in placing an order, but before this is done i want to confirm if i can go ahead and place the order via email. One more thing, do you accept International credit card for payment? Please advise your delivery method, can i go ahead and send the list of product i am Interested in

Chris Miller.