What’s Flat-Fee IT?

Flat-fee IT is the process of outsourcing some of your companies day-to-day IT Services.  Outhouse IT has recently started offering small businesses in the Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington areas Managed IT Service solutions to help cut their daily operational cost while still maintaining high value services.

When you partner with a Outhouse IT not only can you guarantee top class services for your small business. If you are a small company then your IT staff can cost your whole budget, but do you really need a fully staffed IT department? If you are a small business then chances are no, but you still need IT support and this is where Outhouse IT can help your company save money.

With todays growing needs for IT services many companies are faced with a huge decision of cutting their IT department, which could cost you your business if you are not lucky. By not having proper IT support not only do you run the risk of unhappy customers but you also run the risk of major security concerns. When you outsource your IT services you are guaranteed to get the best IT staff at the best price.

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