Small Business IT Security Health Check

security health checkWhile small businesses continue to make the most of the opportunities the internet presents, they also need to pay close attention to its dangers. At Outhouse IT we know small businesses want clear answers and guidance when it comes to issues of IT security. They want the best infrastructure in place and they want their staff to be well-informed and prudent. This is why AVG has produced this simple IT Health Check posing all the key questions your business needs to consider in relation to its IT security.

The 17 quick questions in AVG’s IT Security Health Check cover all of the vital topics you need to consider including:

  • Data Access and Storage
  • Protective Software
  • Staff Education
  • Third Party Partners
  • Legal Issues
  • Password Protection
  • Encryption

Simply click Start to get going and find out the health status of your business’s IT security.

Small business managers need good information to move their company forward. The Health Check should be used as a general good practice guide only and is in no way a legal advice or instruction. This IT Health Check is another part of AVG’s commitment to helping small businesses win online.