Support Plans

Prevent Small Business Technology Failures! (Before they happen!)

  • Tired of unplanned technology downtime?
  • Tired of technology failures and unexpected repair bills?
  • How much business do you lose if you don’t have your computer for a whole day? What about 2?

Are you ready to take the preventative measures to ensure your technology is there when you need it, effective, reliable and fits within your budget?

Outhouse I.T. Inc. is proud to Introduce
The Small Business Technology Support Plan

The Small Business Technology Support Plan was created in response to specific client requests for the type of on-going preventative maintenance that’s necessary to keep small business technology up and running while reducing overall costs!

Support Plans provide the Technology Support, Preventative Maintenance and Technology Planning you need to keep your business technology running smoothly so it’s there when you need it most. We provide the peace of mind that your technology won’t let you down!

Studies show that Small Business Technology users have reported that monthly preventative maintenance and system optimization improved the reliability of their business technology by as much as 87% and reduced system down time from an average of 47 hours per year per PC to just 6 hours!

Small Business Technology Support Plans provide the piece of mind of regular preventative maintenance and system optimization while things are running smoothly so we can keep them that way!

We provide service and support to your equipment for any identified problems and we ensure your system is running in optimal health before things ever need fixing.

Bring your Small business IT Costs back under your control! Call today for a free no-obligation on-site technology evaluation and to find out how Outhouse I.T. Inc’s Monthly Small Business Technology Support Plan can benefit your organization!

The Small Business Technology Support Plan Includes:

  • Monitoring & Alerting
    • Deep network monitoring for speed, performance and issues.
    • Immediate alerting for immediate remediation.
  • Asset Management
    • Automated network scanning and asset discovery of new equipment, yours or otherwise!
    • Asset inventory and warranty management for insurance and replacement planning needs.
  • Security Assurance
    • Baseline security scanning to detect security holes and plugging them before the bad guys get in.
    • Remote monitoring of antivirus and backup verification confirming your protected.
  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Basic automated scripting to maintain asset health, junk files, defrag, all the basic stuff that we’re doing now, but automated and monitored.
  • Reporting
    • Comprehensive automated reporting (monthly, quarterly or on-demand) so you can see what is being done, how often and why.

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