Need a 6 digit code? Call Outhouse IT Support at 905-366-8234 Option 2 for Support.

At Outhouse IT we’ve invested in the latest in secure remote support software which allows us to connect to your computer over the internet to resolve most technology related problems.

Ideal for software repair, training, installation and setup saving both the time required for an on-site service visit and allowing for just 30 minute minimum sessions. If you’re internet connection is working and you can open an internet browsing session we can get connected.*

Once connected one of our technicians can control your computer as if they were sitting at your desk. You’ll be able to observe the support session, communicate with the technician, demonstrate the issue and watch as it’s remotely resolved.

You’re welcome to stay on the line with us and watch as we work or simply “walk away” and we’ll call you when we’re done, meaning your time can be spent working on other tasks around the office.

When the remote session is completed we’ll ask you to verify the solution we’ve provided is working and then disconnect form your computer and remove the remote access software as we need your permission each and every time we access your computer remotely.

Remote sessions are secured across the internet at 256-bit encryption similar to that used to secure military information, so you’re safe from prying eyes. Our technicians are also committed to protecting your privacy and security so not only will they not be “inquisitive” around on your PC, they’ll be eyes wide open for security risks and alerting you should any be found.

* For service calls where an internet connection is not available or the computer can’t connect to the internet an on-site service call will be required.