Technology Assesment

Technology Assesment

At Outhouse IT we’ve developed a real specialty in successfully transitioning clients from previous underperforming IT companies to our full-service cost-effective IT solution. We’ve made this transition hand in hand with clients under where the previous IT provider was helpful and sometimes not.

During the transition and our initial IT assessment, we often find areas that need to be fixed. We quickly address those areas, document your network layout and IT setup and provide proactive IT often in much less time than you’d expect.

But we also get that handing over the keys to your IT isn’t any easier than handing over the keys to your car, so we want to do everything we can to ensure our clients “get it” before they commit.

We currently offer two different technology assessment tools, the first being our no cost small business technology self-assessment tool is a short questionnaire to provide you with a snapshot of your current IT position and to help you focus on your future IT needs.  This aren’t techie questions so much as business need questions and even the most initiated non-technical person shouldn’t have trouble with them. Once completed we’ll contact you to review the results and discuss where you’d most like to see improvements.

If your commitment to change is a little more immediate we also offer a no cost full assessment of your current IT, a technician will visit your office and drop off a network device that will monitor and scan your network over an average working week, collecting information about the health and stability of your IT systems, providing full reports on

  • Current software and hardware setups,
  • Network Security,
  • Anti-virus Protection,
  • Server Performance,
  • Workstation Performance
  • Network Stability
  • UPS suitability
  • Data protection strategy
  • Remote Access
  • Email Access
  • Internet connection performance
  • Business needs analysis

Once Completed a tailored report is produced and our recommendations for a remediation plan based on your priorities is developed.

Outhouse IT Solutions will work with you to develop an individual action plan to tackle any issues in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

To book your FREE* (no obligation) Business Technology Assessment please call us at 905-366-8234

*Offer limited to 1 assessment per business. This offer is obligation free.