Does your computer always do exactly what you want it to and as quickly as you would like? Is your technology capable of providing you with more useful and applicable information than it currently does? Are there technologies available and applicable to your field of business that can be implemented in a cost effective manner to provide reliable and measurable results? Yes, of course, but how do you convince your computer to do what you’d like? How do you learn about and use these new technologies?

Through our inter-active and informative training sessions we provide you with the tools, the training and the real life experience you need to make the most of your existing technology while keeping you informed of new and emerging technologies that can benefit your business.

In addition to learning about current technology trends and updates, you will develop a trust in your equipment and in your own abilities to use it

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur, in a corporate management role, operating your own network marketing business or running a long standing and successful business already, our training will apply to you! By implementing the tools and techniques you learn in our workshops and seminars you will greatly increase your efficiency, productivity and all while reduce your technology related stress.

Outhouse I.T. Inc. knows the importance of not only providing service and support but also the training needed to implement these tools. In response to the needs of our clients we have designed seminars, courses and workshops that apply to you. Outhouse I.T. Inc. offers a variety of courses to develop your skills and allow you to protect your information, save your time and grow your business. Our half day and one day action packed and informative training sessions will give you the information you need without taking too much time away from your business, We’ll provide you with the knowledge you need to be both pro-active and productive and make use of your new skills the very same day you learn them.

All courses are designed and delivered with the small business application in mind. The format of our training courses is an interactive round table setting which encourages participation. To ensure a thorough understanding of the materials covered, our small classes allow for a great deal of questions and detail in specific subject areas.

As our courses are custom-tailored to the business professional that’s exactly who you’ll find attending, with classes as small as 6 people and no larger than 24. The small class size allows us to address all concerns and questions. Best of all our interactive classes allow for networking and relationship building with other small business professionals in your community who are just as conscious of the technology needs that concern you.