We have some exciting news to share with all of you – we are thrilled to welcome a new member to our Outhouse IT Team! Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Jeremy Pitman, who is joining our team as an IT Support Specialist.

Scott Kendall

Slavik Koustov
Systems Analyst

Jeremy Pitman
Support Specialist

Jeremy: The IT Expert with a Human Touch:

At Outhouse IT, we've always believed in the power of technology to drive your business forward, but we also understand that the human element is equally crucial. Jeremy Pitman embodies this philosophy perfectly. With a background in psychology and over a decade of experience in the technology field, Jeremy is uniquely equipped to provide not only technical solutions but also a customer-centric approach to meet your IT needs.

Impressive Journey with World-Class Companies:
Jeremy's professional journey includes time with some of the world's most renowned companies, such as Walt Disney World, Apple, and Tesla. During his time at Apple, he mastered the art of troubleshooting and repairing customer devices at the Genius Bar. His ability to ask the right questions, troubleshoot effectively, and provide exceptional customer care is a testament to his skills.

Jeremy's role at Apple extended beyond device repair. He also served as a Technology Educator, imparting knowledge to individuals of all skill levels, from tech novices to experts. Whether teaching the basics of using Apple devices or instructing businesses on advanced software solutions, Jeremy's expertise shone through. He was also a key member of the business team, helping small businesses harness the power of enterprise software.

At Tesla, Jeremy became the in-house systems expert and de-facto IT support, thanks to his exceptional ability to grasp complex information and convey it in an easily understandable manner. He was the go-to person for novel solutions within his team and management.

Commitment to Continuous Learning:
Jeremy's dedication to staying current with technology is unwavering. He's currently pursuing certification with Google IT support courses, ensuring that he's always at the forefront of IT innovations to benefit your business.

What This Means for You:
With Jeremy on board, Outhouse IT is better equipped than ever to provide you with the highest level of IT support and service. His expertise, combined with our dedication to small businesses like yours, will continue to drive the success of your company.